Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Original Tron coming to Blu-Ray

So as an immense fan of the original TRON, I'm heartbroken to tell you that TRON: Legacy is a film packed with hackneyed dialogue and customary acting, even from Jeff "The Dude" Bridges himself! Shame. What upsets me even more is that Disney conspired to erase TRON from the face of the earth by not having the classic film for sale at ANY store it could've been obtained from. You couldn't even have the option of buying it online or adding to your instant queue on Netflix, I tried. I had no clue as to why Disney could be so imbellic, however, I recently read that Disney is now releasing  the film on Blu-ray THIS YEAR!! Weird I know, but I'm ecstatic about it. For a movie that was so primitive in it's time, I think this will be a Blu-Ray you will want to pick up.

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