Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Personal Rant

So today I got my copy of Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep in the mail and was pretty stoked. It has an awesome cover art and a shitload of special features, check it

Yeah, its pretty sweet. However, turns out it was just a waste of my money. You see I had ordered the DVD on Amazon and viewed the product details as I always do before ordering anything online. Everything seemed okay, so I purchased it. Now after a week passes, it shows up on my front doorstep and I immediately open it and I noticed something strange.
If you click the photo you'll see that the back of the sleeve is written in Korean. So I'm thinking how weird that it would be written in Korean when no one part of the film is Korean, but I don't really dwell on it. Now I go up to my room to pop it in my PS3 and it informs me that the DVD's region code is 3! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, all DVDs have a global region code identity that are compatible with the players typically sold in that region. The majority of all current titles play in one specific region unless otherwise noted. Most DVDs and Blu rays sold on Amazon(US) have a region code of 1 and it will not work on DVD and Blu Ray players outside our region. Now I can change the settings on my PS3 to be able to play Region 3 DVDs, but then that would mean I won't be able to view all of my other DVDs and Blu Rays that I bought since they all have a region code of 1. And what really blows is that I can only change my settings 3 times! After that, the settings for the Region code format will stay permanent. FUCK ME! This means I can only watch the movie on my computer, which is fucking lame. But that's not the only problem I encountered with purchasing a movie. Last week I bought The Social Network on Blu Ray at my local MovieStop. Like The Science of Sleep, this movie also had an awesome cover art and tons of special features.
Notice something strange on that last photo? Look closer and you'll see that both discs are labeled Disc 1: The Film. Yep, rather than getting Disc 2 that contains all the cool special features I was mentioning, I get two copies of Disc 1 which only contains the movie and NO special features. I've just had the worst luck with buying movies. But I was able to return The Social Network for one that holds Disc 1&2 so at least this story has somewhat of a happy ending.


  1. That sux. Did the movie have horrible subtitles all over it?

  2. yeah but you have the option to take them off.

  3. that sucks brah but at least u were able to return TSN for the one u wanted but i bet it was still a hassle

    your friend,

  4. the science of sleep? hell yes. you have amazing taste.