Friday, January 14, 2011

Oscar Predictions

In just 10 days, the Academy will be announcing their nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, so I think its about that time to make some dauntless and perceptible picks for this year's Oscars.

Best Picture

For all of the dismaying films that came with 2010, it was actually a pretty good year in my opinion, and this year, choosing the best picture award will be the most formidable, as it always is. But it's clear that Toy Story 3, Black Swan, Inception, The King's Speech, True Grit, The Social Network, 127 Hours, The Town, The Fighter and The Kids Are All Right are most likely to be nominated. Although I'd like to see Winter's Bone be nominated, it probably won't happen. So which film am I going with to take it home? With all the buzz going around for Inception it has a great chance, but I think the Academy has come a long way in making laudable choices so with that being said The Social Network will be taking home the oscar this year.

Best Actor

I was a little somber when Colin Firth didn't win the Best Actor Oscar last year, but I was glad Jeff "The Dude" Bridges finally got his. This year, however, if there is one performance to praise, it's Firth in The King's Speech. If the Academy is cool enough, they'll definitely nominate the polished and slick talking Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network. James Franco could get his for 127 Hours( No one saw Howl). And so could Aaron Eckhart if the Academy can deal with the opression of Rabbit Hole. But it's a no brainer that Colin Firth will be making one last speech on February 27th.

Best Actress

All you hear about is Annette Bening getting her nomination for The Kids Are All Right, which is good, she's deserving. Natalie Portman is sure to get hers as well for Black Swan(She just needs to pretend No Strings Attached doesn't exist). Nicole Kidman who was heartbreaking in Rabbit Hole should have no worries getting noticed this year(It's been a while). Michelle Williams was great in Blue Valentine but it was such a small movie it'll probably just fly over the Academy's head. So who's your best actress winner this year? Definitely Natalie Portman who gives a delicate and pervading performance.

Best Supporting Actor

As far as junkies go, Christian Bale nails every aspect so well you'd actually think he was smoking crack right before each scene in The Fighter. It would be imbecilic not to nominate him. And Geoffrey Rush is an obvious choice for his charm in The King's Speech. The Academy has also giving Jeremy Renner the gratification of a nomination for his role in The Town, and it would be a great choice. But one actor who shouldn't be looked over is Andrew Garfield in The Social Network. Now although I'm not that ecstatic that he's the new Peter Parker, he sure does have my respect as an actor after seeing him in David Fincher's film. But the oscar is going to go to this year's crack addict, Christian Bale.

Best Supporting Actress
There is nothing more absorbing to watch than Melissa Leo and Amy Adams in The Fighter. Their hard talking arguments are severe and very ablaze. Julianne Moore will probably be a sure thing for The Kids Are All Right as well as Helena Bonham Carter with her animated facial expressions in The King's Speech. Even though I wouldn't nominate this actress, Hailee Steinfeld will probably end up getting a nod for True Grit. As for the winner of the best supporting actress award, it is a difficult decision for me. It is without a doubt between Melissa Leo and Amy Adams and would be happy to see either one of them walk away with the award.

Best Director

It'll be these guys- Darren Aronofsky(Black Swan), Danny Boyle(127 Hours), David Fincher(The Social Network) and Christopher Nolan(Inception). This is another difficult decision seeing how vast all of these films were. However, its gonna come down to David Fincher and Christopher Nolan. Now I'm a huge Nolan fan and would love to finally see him get his oscar but The Social Network was just such an industrious film, its hard not to give the award to Fincher.

If you guys want the complete list for my oscar predictions, just leave me a comment saying so.


  1. In all my years I've never gotten more than 2 or 3 predictions right.

  2. Go ahead and post it all, these were a pleasure to read.

  3. i'd like the complete list please. i wasn't a fan of social network though. i think black swan could win something though.

  4. Interesting predictions... Guess you enjoyed The Social Network then?

  5. The Social Network was my second favorite film of this year (White Material was my personal favorite) so yeah I enjoyed it very much.

    As for the rest of my predictions, they should be up later on tonight. Anybody have predictions of their own? I'll be glad to hear them.

  6. Good predictions, I've never seen the social network so should really give it a try.

    Have to say I am a big Danny Boyle fan though!

  7. You won me over at Christian Bale, haha. Legit blog buddy! Following and supporting!

    Anyone interested check out I will hit anyone back!

  8. I can never get these right for the life of me so I never try.

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  9. COMPLETE LIST!!! You have an awesome blog. I'm following.

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