Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AVATAR 2 Set For 2014!

Director James Cameron already announced that his next projects will be the second and third installment of AVATAR. Now comes word from the man himself that we should expect to see the sequel in 2014.

"I am in the process of writing the next two 'Avatar' films now," he said. "We are planning to shoot them together and post them together, and we will probably release them not quite back-to-back, but about a year apart. Christmas 2014 and 2015 is the current plan."

Cameron plans to bring back some of the original cast as well. It is pretty exciting news. If there is any more updates on the franchise I'll be sure to post them.


  1. Sounds like Pirates of the Carribean. The first one was a movie by itself and then the next two were the same story. Either way Avatar was a good movie

  2. wack

    Following and supporting

  3. I would agree with screaming hawk though I do hope that I am proven wrong :P

  4. woah, avatar 2! i heard it first from you, serious. follow back, i got u!

  5. oh dear God no. Please no. For the sake of all humanity, no.

    *dies a little inside*